Foundation Chierese for Textiles and the Museum of Textiles
Via G. DeMaria, 10 – 10023 Chieri (TO) -Phone: 3294780542

Chieri fabric weavers of Bandera:
– Quails S.p.A..
Road Change, 58 – 10023 Chieri – (To) – Tel. 011-9413720

Tessitura Pertile s.n.c.
Via Andrea Gastaldi, 24 – 10023 Chieri – (To) Tel 011-9472850

Carreum Potentia
voluntary cultural association that aims to promote knowledge and appreciation of the artistic heritage of Chieri and the surrounding area.


Our collaborations
The Department for Equal Opportunities of the Province of Turin has produced a catalog that points to the associations that promote women's creativity, starting from an ancient tradition, especially the embroidery Bandera.

link provinciaThe cover of the catalog with the reworking of our graphics garland

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